Servo Valve Repair Submission Form

It will help us if you can tell us you are submitting a blow moulding valve before shipping, though this is not required.

Things to keep in mind before having servo and proportional valves repaired

  1. Recurring Damage: A servo valve may be blocked with dirt or damaged by excessive heat. Unless you have done something to prevent this from happening again (changed system filter element and used a ’flushing plate’) then you risk doing the same to the repaired servo valve. Please bear this in mind should you phone and say “you repaired this valve and it only lasted five minutes”
  2. Shipping Damage: Servo valves shipped for repair to BMC may arrived damaged because they may have fallen out of an oil compromised box during shipping. You must fit a cover plate on the valve otherwise the internal oil may make the shipping box soggy. Shipper will state the soggy packing is not covered by their insurance. Remember a replacement valve can cost £1300 – £3500 quite painful if deducted from your personal salary by management.
  3. Oil Damage: All servo valves need clean oil. Some are a little less dirt sensitive than others, but if you do not replace the machines filters when they indicate blocked then you will have problems with servo valve failure.
  4. Heat Damage: Many servo valves sent to us have been damaged by heat. We know this because the oil in the valve is dark brown and smelly. Rock hard ‘O’ rings, where every bit of rubber that the hot oil came into contact with, is damage often accomplanied by hose, cylinder seals and pump seals damage.
  5. Moog valves come in dozens of different flow rates. Generally low flow goes on a very small machine and high flow on big ones. Its not always obvious if you have fitted with the wrong flow rate, but it may cause a slight reduction in repeatability. Don’t hesitate to ask our advice on this.

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