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Over 25 years experience of fast blow moulding Moog servo valve and moog proportional valve repair

REA have over 25 years experience of repairing Moog Servo and Proportional valves used in blow moulding. Thanks to modern designs and materials, servo and proportional valves are much more reliable and less dirt sensitive in a blow moulding manufacturing context. Enhanced filtration technology and a greater awareness of the importance of maintaining the filter system has also added to reliability. These developments mean that servo and proportional valves that have failed are even more likely to be repaired cost effectively. Experience has shown in the thousands of repairs that have been carried out over the years, less than five were ‘unrepairable.’

We can typically achieve an average turnaround of 2 days.

Six good reasons to use our blow moulding Moog servo valve repair service

moog servo valve repair reasons for using us

Maintain profitabilty with our 24-48 Hour turnaround

Avoid losing customers through delivery delays, we can complete most repairs in around 24 hours.

No-surcharge while you wait

We offer a no-surcharge while you wait service for urgent breakdowns.

Genuine Moog Spare parts

Our standard service is a full “strip and clean”, replace worn parts, and test to specification. As we are the only UK company that Moog supplies spares to, we never have to tell you the valve is unrepairable — unlike other ‘independent’ repairers that cannot obtain spares.

Not just repaired servo valves, but free breakdowns avoidance advice too

We can provide preventative maintenance for your equipment to reduce the likelyhood of costly breakdowns. We can also prevent reoccurrence of the problem with ‘UVA’ our unique valve analysis. We will tell you in plain English what caused the problem. We can also make recommendations in practice or consummables to avoid reoccurance . For example, machines reliability might be improvable by filtration system upgrade. We recommend MP Filtri UK for all hydraulic filter applications.

Avoid recurring damage

Avoid recurring damage, such as where a repaired servo valve may have been blocked with dirt or damaged by excessive heat. You obviously risk doing the same again to the repaired servo valve. However we do not just repair valves, we try to help you improve your machines reliability with advice on contamination control, valve sizing etc as our clients can testify.

No premium charge

There is NO OTHER UK servo repair company that can come anywhere near to this level of service. We do not even charge a premium for ‘while you wait’ or ‘out-of-hours’ repairs.

Moog Specialist but….

A moog servo valve repairOur servo valve repair service is primarily geared to servicing Moog valves, but there are certain models of Rexroth servo that we can also service – please contact us with the model number. We stock the Moog ‘631’ series valves in all 5 standard flow rates. We believe that these are one of the best servo valves for parison programming systems, and they are generally interchangeable with the Rexroth ‘4WS’ series.

Direct drive servo valves

Direct Drive servo valve testing and repair

More tolerant to dirt

We recommend the latest ‘Direct Drive servo valves’ for all new applications as they are more accurate and much more tolerant to dirt than traditional designs. Our test rigs have recently been equipped with facilities for testing these new types of valve. High performance servo valves for high performance applications. We take great care to ensure this type of valve is tested to meet the original manufacturers specification.

Size ‘3’ and ‘5’ valves

Size ‘3’ and ‘5’ valves are the mainstay of our valve repair service. We also stock many versions of this series. Based on the original nozzle-flapper pilot stage these valves are used on machinery all over the world.

High flow multi-stage proportional valves

high flow multi-stage proportional valves

We repair high flow multi-stage proportional valves. Pilot stages are stripped, cleaned and recalibrated. Integral loop closing electronics repaired.

What will we do to your Moog proportional or servo valve?

Typically, the initial inspection of a Moog valve’s condition shows the level of work required. For example, if the valve is very clean with no visual contamination of the pilot filter and all ‘O’ rings are in excellent condition the valve may not require a full strip and clean. This however is very rare and virtually all valves sent to us are subjected to a full strip and clean.

Note: we also fully strip to the pilot stage, which some company’s charge extra for. Unlike other repairers, our technicians have application experience that enables us to understand what the valve does on your machine. In some instances our understanding of the application allows us to relax any specifications that we know are not critical. This avoids the replacement of parts that have no effect on the performance of your system, for example, an increased internal leakage over a slightly worn spool. In some applications this particular specification may not be critical so there would be no need to replace the spool.

All our proportional and servo valve tests are carried out to the original manufacturers published specifications.

Typical tests carried out on Moog proportional and servo valves

  • servo valve technician working with testing equipmentInput Signal/Flow
  • Flow Linearity and Symmetry
  • Null bias
  • Input Signal/ Pressure
  • Pressure Gain
  • Internal and External Leakage
  • Stability
  • Coil resistance and Coil Insulation

Valve spare parts meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications.

Our Moog servo and Moog proportional valve spare parts meet or exceed original manufacturers specifications.

‘Viton’ ‘O’ rings for much better temperature rating and free advice

The most common failure is extrusion through the mating parts. O-ring can easily seal high pressure as long as it does not fail mechanically. We use ‘Viton’ ‘O’ rings for better temperature rating and their free advice. Many Moog proportional and servo valves sent to us have been damaged by excessive heat, and therefore we fit ‘Viton’ ‘O’ rings wherever possible for increased protection against failure.

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