Parison Programming Consultancy

Give me the parison and I will show you the moulding

We often paraphrase here the old Jesuit saying with “Give me the parison and I will show you the moulding.” The parison is the child of the finished part – get the parison perfect and you stand a good chance of making a good moulding.

Over 30 years of experience

We have over 30 years of experience in every aspect of parison programming systems, repairing, modifying, retrofitting, coupled with providing a constant source of help to the blow moulding community. We have extensive knowledge going back to the Moog “25” point system, a user-friendly system is fitted to hundreds – perhaps thousands of machines worldwide.


Moog Parison Programmers

Moog 25 point parison programmerOver 25 Years experience of supply to the Blow Moulding Industry

We have over 25 years of producing parison programming systems for all types of blow moulding machines. In the past it included manufacturing special versions of the Moog 25 point programmer and service Moog servo valve and Moog proportional valves.

25 Years of variety

Moog has dozens of companies worldwide and a number of them have been producing various types of parison programming systems for almost 30 years. Japanese machine fitted with a Moog Digipack. Italian machine fitted with a Moog Bloc 64. German machine fitted with a Moog 25 point. The Moog 25 point programmer was one of the most user friendly system. It was also easy for end users to set up and fault find. In addition to parison programmers we have had experience of offering the programming cylinder with servo valve, transducer, and hydraulic modifications.

Which Parison Programmer is best for your application?

Moog MPC ‘Screen-type’ parison programmer

Screen Type

Most packaging applications do not require’hundreds’ of profile points. 10 to 30 are usually adequate.

For larger mouldings (20 to 200 lt) 50 to 100 points are needed to achieve good wall thickness control.

Slider Type

‘Slider’ type systems are very user friendly and are still the preferred choice of most companies. ‘Screen’ type programmers often have many high-tech features, but they may also need ‘higher tech’ setters. On the right is Moog’s MPC ‘Screen-type’ parison programmer Moog ‘25 point’ parison programmer

Further Information on parison programmers, spare parts and accessories

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