Moog Spare Parts

Good stocks of all Moog spare parts

Although Moog no longer sell the 25 point system we still have good stocks of all spare parts and complete systems. For new applications we can still offer traditional ‘slider’ programmers, but we can also recommend the Moog MPC-400 system. This is a modern ‘screen’ type parison programmer with dozens of features to meets the need of every blow moulding application. We can also offer programmers to replace obsolete systems of any make e.g. Hunkar, Femit, Profiloc, Moog etc.

Power packs

Is a separate hydraulic power pack necessary? NO! Our experience has shown that a supply taken from the machines existing hydraulic supply, fed through a good quality filter to a modern servo valve will be totally reliable. We have actually improved the reliability of some machines by removing the separate power pack! There are occasions when a separate pack is better and we have our own in-house manufactured hydraulic power pack specifically for this application.

Hesta Head Conversion

We have developed an adapter plate that enables‘conventional’ servo valves to be used in place of the special H+L device. This means you can replace the Hesta parison programmer with virtually any other parison programmer such as Moog, Hunkar, Barber Colman, Siemens. Click here for more

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