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K show

I will be at the show all day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday AM. As at previous K shows we try and meet customers and friends in the Irish Pub at the end of each evening.

There are at least 3 Irish Pubs in the Altstadt, the one we use is on Hunsruckenstrasse. Website You can phone or text me on (44) 7812 563901

Additions to the BMC show guide:

The K showIf you search the official show web site ) you will find that some of the extrusion blow moulding machine manufacturers are not listed. e.g. Automa !

Here are a few we have found that may not be in the early version of our show guide:


Automa 14/A58
Victor 08b/D24-15
Ossberger 14/C28
Jomar 14/A32