How does a deformable die for parison control work?

The cylinders can squeeze and stretch the ring and by programmer settings the ring can also exhibit a ‘shifting’ action. The net result is the control you need to radially program the parison thickness. This system works in synchronism with your existing parison programmer.

Diagran showing how a deformable die works
Simplified diagram of how it works, also see video below

Points to Note

  • Flexible ring treated with latest ionimplantation  process gives longer life and improved crack resistance
  • New hydraulic cylinder design enables users to remove and remount cylinder without calling for expensive specialist help
  • Special thermal isolation system protects servovalve and cylinder from head heat without creating a ‘cold spot’ on the die
  • Cylinder incorporates ‘drain glands’ to channel any leakage back to tank. This considerably increases the time between seal change service
  • Latest Moog ‘Direct Drive Technology’ servovalve is much more accurate and reliable than traditional servovalves
  • Choice of parison programming systems, popular slide type controls or touch screen
  • Hydraulic interlock to prevent damage to the flexible ring on accidental cold starts
  • Installation, and service from BMC Controls whose engineers have over 20 years experience supplying hundreds of Moog parison programming systems.