Filtration – Blow Moulding Systems

hydraulic filtration
Fit a ‘re-circulating’ filtration unit

Many machine breakdowns can be traced to an inadequate or a poorly maintained filtration system.

If you are regularly sending servo valves out for repair then it is time to see what is causing the problem.

A typical cause of trouble with parison programming servo valves is the heat from the head ‘cooking’ the valve and turning the oil inside the valve to a sticky brown ‘goo’.

A number of filter manufacurer’s produce replacement elements for other makes of filters. We recommend you contact MP Filtri UK for spare filter elements as we have used their filters and have always had excellent results.

We also strongly recommend you consider fitting a ‘re-circulating’ filtration unit. There are various manufacturer’s of these systems. A number of UK companies have retrofitted ‘RMF’ filters and have all seen a significant reduction in hydraulic failures.