Deformable Die/Flexible Rings for Parison Control FAQ

Are “Deformable Die Ring” (PWDS, 3DX) systems worth the money?.

In the right application YES. If you are producing blow molded containers to DOT/UN then the extra control of wall thickness can be essential to meet critical criteria such as ‘Drop Test’ Asymmetric or complex shaped technical parts such as automotive fuel tanks are another good application. Ordinary bottles? Not really

Does the 3DX system include a programming system?

No, it doesn’t, but as agents for Moog for over 20 years, we can help you select the best control system for your application

What is the smallest flexible ring that can be produced ?

Theoretically there is no lower lim it, but the amount of possible deformation reduces with diameter to the point that no useful deformation can be achieved.

Who uses deformable die ring systems?

Producers of most containers with ‘UN’ certification because the system enables requirements like ‘drop test’ to be achieved at minimum container weights. Containers like 25 lt jerry cans and ‘L’ ring drums are perfect examples of the most popular applications for deformable die ring systems. The system also gives the critical wall thickness control needed to produce complex technically shaped parts like automotive fuel tanks.

Are the cylinders built to withstand high temperatures?
Yes, not only do our cylinders incorporate the latest high-temperature seals, we have also fitted ‘drain glands’ to send any leakage back to tank. This means that the small leaks that start with initial seal wear do not cause a problem. We have also taken the trouble to insulate the cylinder from the source of heat which further reduces seal problems and oil being ‘cooked’ in the servovalve.

Can different profiles be applied to each side of the ring?

Yes, but this is normally only necessary for asymmetrically shaped mouldings e.g. car fuel tanks. The control system requires two channels of profile generator.

Can the 3DX be fitted to any type of blow moulding machine?

Yes, however the results you ge t from deformable die ring systems can be affected by the head design. The system is not intended to fix a faulty head, nor can it improve material mixing or improve the quality of the parison. It can only work with what it is given, but it will do what it is designed to do—to dynamically vary the wall thickness of the parison to achieve better material distribution on the moulding.

Will it fit my machine?

Probably, call us on +44.1242 604040 to discuss