Parison programming

Is there a surcharge for while you wait servo valve repairs?

We do not apply a surcharge for while you wait servo valve repairs.

What is your average turnaround for a servo valve repair?

We can usually turnaround in about 2 days.

Does Robin Enderby Associates represent Moog?

As of a few years ago we no longer represent Moog. This change had absolutely no effect on our activity of selling Moog products. We still sell and support the older Moog 25 point slider type of Parison programmers. We have a massive stock of complete systems and spare parts for what is considered the most user friendly Parison programmer ever. We have an in-house repair service for servo valves. A typical repair price is £165 with a 24 hour turnaround. Moog no longer supplies valve spares, but we have a large stock of genuine Moog parts and full specification data from the time before the agreement ceased.