Blow Moulding Soup of the Day 3

Some hints and tips relating to Moog parison programmers AND occasionally ‘weird stuff’ that won’t necessarily relate directly to the products or services we sell.

Blow Moulding Machines

  1. When you order a blow moulding machine give some thought to the ancillaries you will need. Don’t wait until the machine arrives.
  2. Thinking of buying a machine from China/Taiwan/India etc? There are some good machines, and a lot of really bad ones. If you order the machine directly from the manufacturer then you are legally the importer, and you have the legal responsibility to ensure that the machine complies with your countries safety laws. If the machine infringes any patents, it’s you that will get sued, not the Chinese producer.
  3. Spiral tube hopper loaders are great ! Really good with LDPE. Massive reduction of the dust that seems to get through the bag on vacuum hopper loaders
  4. Leak tester rejecting good bottles? The biggest cause is the simplest: not getting a good seal on the containers neck. Check the condition of the ‘rubber’ pad. The ‘rubber’ can actually be Polyurethane, Natural rubber, Silicone, and occasionally sponge neoprene. The hardness varies from 30 Shore ‘A’ to 75. Which is the best for your application? Sponge will seal on anything but wear out too quickly. Very soft materials will not pick up poor neck finishes, so generally medium hardness is better. Polyurethane has good tear strength, but beware this material can harden in time, so don’t buy more than a year’s supply!.