Blow Moulding Soup of the Day 2


  1. Cardboard is the biggest source of contamination in blow molding. It enters the system with the regrind, and all efforts should be made to prevent cardboard coming into contact with regrind. Use clean plastic ‘dustbins’ for storing scrap containers, tops+tails, regrind etc…
  2. Regrind is as valuable as new material. For every pound of regrind you don’t use, you will have to buy a pound of new stuff.
  3. Extrusion blow moulding of large containers in PET is a pig of a task.
  4. Have you tried Bi-modal H.D.P.E. yet? companies are reporting faster cycle times particularly on thick walled parts (jerry cans, drums)
  5. Never use ‘refurbished’ or ‘reconditioned oil. Everybody I know has more trouble with valves, pumps etc..