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We hope you will find these technical files really useful. They are a collection of things we have found on the Internet from Universities, Material and Machinery producers, conference papers and our own in-house publications. Like most Web documents there are copyright restrictions on their use. Our own documents are ©Robin Enderby. You may find that the pictures are missing from a few documents. This may be because the document was a supplement to a separate slide show, or that the document was in an unusual format such as an AutoCad drawing.If you have any interesting files on Blow Moulding Technology please send them to us so we can add them to the knowledge base of this Web site.

Conference Papers

When compiling this list of conference papers we discovered that some were very large files – far too big for downloads, so, if you see a conference paper without the download link please contact us and we will send you the information on CD. Some of the very best conference papers are from the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) If you are not already a member of the SPE have a look at their web site: and then navigate to the blow moulding division. Even as a non-member you can find a lot of interesting and useful information.

Web Links

The Internet is a wonderful tool for finding information but don’t be fooled into thinking that if it’s not on the net it hasn’t been done. There has not been much work done on scanning ‘pre-internet’ documents onto the web. Many of the pre-internet patents still haven’t been made available in electronic format.

It’s also important to know how the results are ranked by the Search Engines such as Google etc.. A Google search on “Internal cooling blow moulding” will predominately list ‘Fasti and ‘Beco.’ You will have to dig a lot deeper to find information on other methods of Internal cooling such as liquid gas (Nitrogen & CO2) – and much much deeper to discover the original invention (ISC Process) by Denes Hunkar. We have tried to provide links to every manufacturer of extrusion blow moulding machinery however due to the changing world we live in you will find that some links don’t work.

Miscellaneous Documents

Parison Control Technology

Blow Moulding Technology

Blow Air Cooling

UN Testing – ADR Regulations

Deformable Die Ring Systems

Please let us know of any ‘broken links’ or if you have any interesting links we can add to this site.

IDES is a materials database that you can access for free! 81700 data sheets.

Blow Moulding Links

Is this the MOST COMPLETE list of extrusion blow moulding machine manufacturers and related links in the whole world?

Other useful links:

Largest stock of used Blow Moulding machines in the UK:

Ottmar Brandau, one of the best blow moulding consultants in the world! – website full of information – well worth a visit:

Automation Ideas Inc. is a leading supplier of automation equipment, specializing in the Dairy/Juice/Water market. long association with Uniloy. Baggers, Debaggers, conveyors, and all bottle handing automation.

Interested in colour measurement? – Follow this link for some really good information (Thanks to Adrian for this)