3DX Deformable Die Ring Systems – OEM information

State of the art, radial wall thickness control system

Twin blow moulding deformable die systems

Can our 3DX be fitted to your blow moulding machine?

Almost Certainly!

Our expertise  in parison programming systems led us to produce our 3DX blow moulding, radial wall thickness control systems developed from Harald Feuerherm, PWDS system . The system comprised of a flexible steel die (aka bushing) squeezed into a series of shapes as the parison emerged. giving a much greater degree of radial wall thickness control producing complex shapes such as automotive fuel tanks. It is also extensively used on U.N. drums and jerry cans.

State of the Art – Performance enhancing

We feel that our product has many advantages over the original PWDS having the benefit of fresh thinking, new steel alloys and integrated electronics. 3DX is the performance enhancing, state of the art, radial wall thickness control system with deformable die, that you can fitted your latest production models or retro-fitted to earlier production.

Moog Servo ValvesHydraulic requirement

Our 3DX system is fitted with two Moog Direct Drive Servo valves. These are excellent valves for this application. They are much less dirt sensitive than traditional valves and they also have low internal leakage. We recommend that you take the hydraulic supply directly from the existing supply to the parison wall thickness servo valve. The flow required of our valves is very small so your existing supply will easily be sufficient. There should not be any need for extra filtration in the pressure line. Although our servo-cylinders are shipped pre-flushed and ready for use we recommend a simple‘ flushing procedure’ of your hydraulic pipes prior to connection.


Blow Moulding Deformable die L ring side viewElectronic requirement

Your parison programmer will need to have two extra channels of control. For packaging applications only one profile page is required but with separate ‘weight’ controls for each channel. For technical applications (automotive fuel tanks) you will need separate profile pages for our two cylinders. This gives the extra control needed for complex shaped parts. Valve and LVDT cable sets are included with our system. Alternatively we can also supply our cylinders with integrated closed loop control which requires a +24 V supply and 0-10 volt position signal.


L ring drumMechanical requirement

We produce each system to fit directly in place of your standard fixed die tooling. We include new heater bands. For the first installation we recommend that we assist in the start up and commissioning. Our time is free of charge but we ask that you pay for hotel and air fare. Because each system is made to your head dimensions we require a dimensioned drawing of the part of your head where our system will fit. We recommend that prior to our visit you start up the machine with your standard die tooling to ensure the machine is capable of producing parts to your normal quality.



Simulation Deformable dir