3DX – Deformable Die for Parison Control

It seems like only yesterday we launched our 3DX deformable die system under the “Blow Moulding Controls Limited” branding and after a very steep learning curve we can now confidently offer our system for virtually any type of blow moulding machine.

After announcing our intention to produce a product similar to the Feuerherm PWDS, we have had the most incredible response. One e-mail said “Thank god somebody has finally done this”. A number of machine manufacturers have asked for exclusive deals for their parts of the world whilst others simply sent orders. Clearly, moulders have been waiting for someone to offer a competitive system.

A fresh look

Deformable/flexible die use for parison control in Blow Moulding

During the development of this project we took a fresh look at deformable die systems to see what the problems were and how improvements could be made. To some extent, we already knew some of the changes that were needed from servicing the PWDS cylinders and servovalves. Heating often caused seal leakage, and seized valve spools. A re-design of the cylinder mounting arrangement dealt with the heat problem, and selecting the Moog “Direct Drive Valve” meant that dirt sensitivity was virtually eliminated. We also thought that users should be able to strip and reassemble the deformable ring system themselves if they wanted without the horrendous risk of damaging the flexible ring. This turned out to be easily achieved by selecting a cylinder design that allowed us to put the limit stops on the back of the 3DX Deformable Die System.

Our focus on making improvements to the original PWDS particularly by developing integrated electronics has given us an excellent response from many of the worlds leading machine manufacturers.

Radial wall thickness control systems

As experts in parison programming systems, it was only a matter of time before we would produce blow moulding, radial wall thickness control systems. Originally called PWDS by the inventor Harald Feuerherm, the system comprised of a flexible steel die (aka bushing) squeezed into a series of shapes as the parison emerged. This gave a much greater degree of wall thickness control and became almost mandatory for complex shapes such as automotive fuel tanks. It is also extensively used on U.N. drums and jerry cans.

Many advantages

Our 3DX system uses the same principle as the original PWDS. However, with the benefit of fresh thinking, new steel alloys and integrated electronics, we feel that our product has many advantages over the original PWDS. Our 3DX system can be supplied with new machines or retrofitted to upgrade your existing machine to a state of the art radial wall thickness control system with a performance enhancing deformable die.

New Machine or Retrofit

If retrofitted, we don’t care what make of machine, or head design you have. All we ask is that the machine is capable of producing good quality parts that generally meet your requirements. Our 3DX blow moulding, radial wall thickness control system with its ‘deformable die’ ring will then optimise the radial wall thickness to reduce container weight and optimize thickness distribution.